SciLED Seminar for representatives of Higher Education, Business Community and Research Centres.

The final seminar aimed to sustain the project sustainability and exploitation of the results, targeting a mixed audience of academics/trainers, designers and technologists and managerial staff. It was held online on via
Microsoft Teams on 9th of December 2021. During the event, the highest number of online participants was 71.
The seminar covered the following topics:
• SCILED Project Overview and Results
• Industry 4.0 for the traditional footwear industry
• Sustainable materials and footwear integrating environmental footprint analysis
• Current R&D&I initiatives on sustainability, user wellbeing and digitalization
• Circular Management System
• Case Study: ” Shaped by Nature” the new era of Bio-Based Materials
• Students’ experience with SciLED Academy
• Learning, Teaching and Training Activity at CTCP/Portugal – presentation of students’ teams
• and projects

Report on common mobility action with student, mentors and trainers in CTCP Fab Lab, Portugal

A mobility activity with students, trainers and mentors was set-up to materialize the project ideas in real prototypes which will gather sustainability, comfort and fashion design features. A sum up video of the Mobility activities performed by students at CTCP Portugal is here

Report on team work-Prototyping on Virtual Fab Lab

Virtual pilot actions were set up by joining in working teams students, mentors from companies, researchers and academic staff to produce virtual prototypes.

National workshops/seminars for students, designers and product managers -GREECE

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ SciLED project a seminar and a workshop-design challenge were organized between 10-17 May 2021, being organised by partner University of the Aegean. The event was divided in two phases. During the first day, a webinar on “Next Generation Footwear Design” took place, where experts from the industry and academia analysed their views for designing comfortable, sustainable and fashionable footwear. A one-week workshop-design challenge commenced the day after in order to allow for the future designers to get in touch with the field of footwear design.
The webinar was open to everyone interested to learn about modern footwear design and was attended via the ZOOM application by 133 people from the academic and business field.
The workshop-design challenge was addressed to the students of the product-design engineering departments of University of the Aegean, University of West Macedonia, University of West Attica, and the VET centre Askardamykti. In total, 44 participants separated in 15 different teams have presented their ideas for future footwear designs that comply with the principles of sustainability, performance and comfort under a scientifically-led approach.

National workshops/seminars for students, designers and product managers - SPAIN

The Spanish webinar presented the university-level training modules developed within the SciLED project, which focus on the design and manufacture of drastically improved products in terms of comfort and sustainability to meet current market demands. The webinar was specifically aimed at university students and footwear company employees (designers and product managers mainly), and finally gathered 70 participants from industry and academia. The agenda included the following presentations:
• The Erasmus+ SciLED Project at a glance
• The SciLED Academy: The Sustainability Module
• Case study: EVATHINK’s sustainable approach
• The SciLED Academy: The Comfort Module
• Case study: Health ICT tools for footwear

National workshops/seminars for students, designers and product managers -ITALY

The Italian workshop was conducted in two phases by partners Politecnico di Milano and Vibram:
• Digital seminar titled “MAN ≠ SHOES | does the evolution of footwear follows the demands of evolving consumers” was organised in 16th June 2020 and was addressed to students of Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) and specialists from footwear companies, including designers and managers. The seminar gathered 50 participants from university and 6 participants from the footwear companies.
• Workshop titled “IMPACT Shoe” was organised on a period of 5 days, from 15th June to 19th of June. It aimed to provide guidance and mentoring to students to develop innovative footwear concepts. Totally, 45 students, academic staff and experts from company have participated in all stages of the workshop.
An overview can be seen at

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