Competitive advantages of partnerships with higher education institutions, research centres and business community

This Manifesto expresses the views of the SciLED consortium partners, and it is intended to highlight and explain how collaboration between footwear SMEs and research institutions is mutually beneficial for industry and academia.

Validation of EQF for Footwear Designers and Product Managers

The SciLED workshop “Skills under the spotlight” was held on 18th of February 2020. There couldn’t be a better venue than the international footwear fair MICAM in Milan for the SciLED Erasmus+ partners to present the first tangible outcomes of their work.

National workshops/seminars for students, designers and product managers

“Workshops and seminars are planned in four SciLED partner countries in the period of June 2020 – May 2021: Romania, Italy, Portugal and Spain. These training activities are targeted to Higher Education, Business Community and Research Centres.

The first seminar was held online in the period of 15 – 19th of June 2020, being organised by Politecnico di Milano and Vibram, with students enrolled at university, designers and representatives of footwear companies. An overview can be seen at”

European Qualification Framework (EQF) for Footwear Designers and Product Managers

This result introduces a general framework for qualifications of footwear designers and product managers in terms of accurate definition of knowledge, skills and competences in order to be able to design and develop footwear by adopting the comfort-related parameters and performing the sustainability analysis during the product life-cycle.

Determination of required qualifications for addressing comfort and sustainability issues

This integrated report harmonises the findings of the five Focus Group sessions that have been conducted in Italy, Romania, Spain, Greece and Portugal. Footwear designers, technical experts, product developers and managers brings their expertise for designing a modular and flexible curriculum to equip the future HE graduates with skills and knowledge for designing and manufacturing comfortable, sustainable and health-oriented products.

Review of current learning tools and methods including providers - Executive summary

The current learning tools and methods for the training of footwear designers and product managers have been investigated. The report contains all major courses, seminars in HEIs or VET institutions around Europe. The report also provides details on the current pedagogical practises and the learning methods (short-courses, e-learning, MOOCs, etc.).

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